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Say how about we throw a party this weekend? Maybe with the right kind of drinks and the perfect music to go along with it, you’ll be able to enjoy your night out with your friends. So we present to you yet another list of the drinking songs will be releasing. Begin it with some trance and end it with techno rock. This list of the Irish drinking songs 2015 will be releasing is simply perfect for your kind of party on the rock!

Most of these parties are full of enjoyment where the presence of wine is absolutely a necessity. Drinking songs also joins the parties and that certainly increases the enjoyment of drinking manifold, at least that is why the party goers usually say. These drinking songs are available in almost all the languages and that is why people living in one particular place love to listen to the songs that they understand.

Drinking Songs 2014 2015

We all love a drink after a wholesome dinner! As for attending dinner parties, you certainly need the right kind of music for that. So we present to you the top drinking songs list which features amazing sound tracks by even better artists, all of whom have earned their spot on the bill boards. So if you’re a Rihanna fan and wish to ‘Drink to that’ then pitch in for list of the next season.

New Top Drinking Songs 2015 List

Right from Rihanna’s contemporary tracks to Pitbull’s funky music, we’ve got the best playlist prepared for you! Check out this new songs list that features some amazing songs released by artists like the Black Eyed Peas, Pink, and Nelly Furtado etc. You can catch the best beats on this list of the drinking songs 2015 will be releasing by simply staying tuned in on our music panel. We offer the best charts with the latest songs that you can play at a party while you’re having your shots of vodka.

1. Margaritaville — Jimmy Buffett
2. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight — Hank Williams Jr.
3. Beer For My Horses — Toby Keith/Willie Nelson
4. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer — George Thorogood/John Lee Hooker
5. Tequila Sunrise — The Eagles
6. Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye — Charlie Daniels
7. Whiskey River — Willie Nelson
8. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere — Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett
9. Double Vision — Foreigner
10. Beer in Mexico — Kenny Chesney
11. I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink — Merle Haggard
12. Friends in Low Places — Garth Brooks
13. Alabama Song — The Doors
14. I Love This Bar — Toby Keith
15. Family Tradition — Hank Williams Jr.
16. Don’t The Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time — Mickey Gilley
17. There’s a Tear in My Beer — Hank Williams Sr.
18. Party Crowd — David Lee Murphy
19. Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo — Tracy Byrd
20. Bama Breeze — Jimmy Buffett

So let’s get on with it! The party needs to start because we have Pink in the house tonight! We can’t possibly forget about Bruno Mars? His tracks are sure to be listed on the top drinking songs list. His previous hits especially ‘Liquor Store Blues’ with Damian Marley were inspirations for those who love drinking and partying. So check out the new drinking songs list which features the best party songs you can play and dance till your feet hurt!

However, these are not all. There are loads of such beautiful Drinking songs available and you can find them easily in the music shop near to your place. You can even make a personal collection of these songs where you must take care of your personal choice of singers and music composers. You can even prefer collecting the best of these songs in your own language. However, the most popular songs in this category are often put on air on the popular radio stations. You can even watch these songs on the music television channels. Hope you must have enjoyed the list of Best Drinking Songs.


Maybe setting the right vibe for the party has been a difficult task for you, so why not check out this song list so that you can begin your party with the right kind of music! So pitch in for the new list which features some amazing tracks. This top Irish drinking songs 2015 list will provide the perfect songs when you’re chilling and drinking amongst your family and friends.

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