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Welcome to this world of music where you will be provided with a list of the amazing new top 100 songs 2014 2015 will be releasing! This is the arena where right from Chris Brown to Taylor Swift; we’ll be talking about the love songs that artists from amazing backgrounds will be releasing. So are you up and about with your headphones on? Because this coming season, you’ll obtain all the news that you want regarding the top 100 songs 2015 will be publishing!

New Releases Top 100 Songs 2014 2015

May it be rock or pop, even if it’s the country slang in the future records; we’ll introduce music to you like no one ever has! With information regarding tours and concerts, you can obtain the slightest bits and pieces of the new 100 songs will evidently consist of. If you’re absolutely crazy about music and your feet practically move with every beat of music, then this is the ideal spot for anyone who’s in search for the top 100 songs 2015 will consist of! You can be an avid lover of the blues or perhaps heavy metal is your kind of music, obtain news regarding the new releases top 100 songs will have this coming year.

Top 100 Songs All Time:

The list will categorize all the new top songs all time will be filled with! Right from the spiking vocals of ‘Beyonce’ to the hot new album that ‘Rihanna’ is planning on releasing next season in April, on this panel you will gain the most interesting news about music of any particular genre. You can obtain a list of the top 100 songs ever favorites of any genre which will feature famous songs that are even today cherished amongst the youth. It doesn’t matter how old you’ve become or how new you are in the generation! Music doesn’t have a generation; it is in fact made of generations of different styles being pulled together in many albums being released today.

List of New Top 100 Songs For 2015:

It doesn’t have to be Coldplay and Christmas Lights! It can be John Mayer and his contemporary blues on the guitar or maybe our all time favorite rapper Eminem might just release a few hits of his own next year. If it’s the top songs list then you should pitch in for the latest news because this is the platform where is discussed in abundance and lists are made just for your convenience. Did you miss out on that amazing new trance label which just got released? We’re talking about ‘Above and Beyond’ who’re planning on also making another album and as news has it; their song might just be a part of our list of top 100 songs 2015.

01- Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven
02- Ke$ha – Die Young
03- Maroon 5 – One More Night
04- Rihanna – Diamonds
05- Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
06- Fun. – Some Nights
07- Flo Rida – I Cry
08- Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble
09- Taylor Swift – Red
10- Phillip Phillips – Home
11- The Lumineers – Ho Hey
12- Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)
13- Alex Clare – Too Close
14- Train – 50 Ways To Say Goodbye Lyrics
15- Adele – Skyfall
16- Imagine Dragons – It’s Time
17- One Direction – Live While We’re Young
18- Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up
19- Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up
20- Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
21- Hunter Hayes – Wanted
22- The Band Perry – Better Dig Two
23- Taylor Swift – 22
24- Lee Brice – Hard To Love
25- Taylor Swift – Begin Again

Since we’re ready to give you the greatest 100 songs will be launching, we assure you that there will be regular updates regarding this list which consists of the newest 2013 releases! Not just songs and albums but we’ll also feature in the concerts and gigs of music bands in and around your area. So get ready for this list of top 100 songs 2014-15 list which might just feature your favorite artist!

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